Youth Acolytes

Many youth have been attending since they were younger and now some of them are acolytes and say they would like to be pastor’s when they grow up. God’s word reminds us that one plants, one waters but God gives the increase. Planting healthy seeds will produce healthy outcomes in […]

Youth from the OSL Tutoring Program Serenade Cancer Survivor

Youth from the OSL tutoring program serenading one of our special tutors who had been going through cancer treatments. She is now cancer free but said this was one of the major highlights in her life. Teaching our children to serve others is an important part of our Garden of […]

One on One Attention

Many youth need one on one attention. Do you have the time to care? Consider giving 1 hr a week with a Garden of Hope ministry in your area to help be a part of the change needed in our communities.

The Children In Our Tutoring Ministry

The children in our tutoring ministry come from the neighborhood. They are not our member’s children. That makes this ministry pretty special because children are learning to serve in church and grow in their faith from outside of our churches.

Our Savior in Indianapolis Recruiting Tutors

Our Savior in Indianapolis is starting to recruit tutors for their Garden of Hope ministry. Continue to pray for additional support as they keep the momentum going for this year. Thanks for being the light of Christ in your community!