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Children Talks

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Teaching about the Trinity

Here is a fun informative way to teach children about the Trinity.

Preparation beforehand:

  1. 1. Make a block of ice by putting water in a large clear plastic container and placing in the freezer for 1 hr
  2. 2. Boil water in a pot and carefully transfer it into a container (make sure only an adult handles the hot water)
  3. 3. Place room temperature water into a large clear pitcher.

Now here is a simple, secular way to explain the Trinity, so a child can understand the idea of separate but equal.

The teacher will start off by asking the children the following questions:

  • • Ask the children if anyone knows who the Trinity is?
  • • Ask the children if Christ existed when God created the world?
  • • Ask the children if the Holy Spirit existed when God created the world.
  • • Ask them if they understand how the three Persons in the Trinity can be separate but equal?
  • • Ask them who makes up the Trinity?
  • • Ask them what each Person in the Godhead is credited with doing? God the Father-Creation, God the Son-Salvation and God the Holy Spirit- Comforter/Revealer

Use the word of God to answer these questions.

No give them the following example to clarify in a way they can understand:


I started off by giving you some questions to answer about the Trinity. Whenever you have a question in life always remember to the Word of God. Explain to them that only the word of God can give them the correct answer to all of their question. Continue by saying you still want to try and explain it even more by using this water. Water can be used in different forms to accomplish different things but the forms are still considered water. (bring out the pitcher of water first) If I take this pitcher of water and put it in the freezer for an hour what do you think would happen to the water?

Children: It would freeze.

Teacher: And what can you do with ice?

Children: Make drinks cold, make snow cones, make a space cold, etc.

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