Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

- Proverbs 22:6



It is unbelievable that with all of the technological advances and resources available we still have children in many communities that can't read. Some can't even identify simple parts of speech. Using targeted resources we establish baselines to find effective ways to address each child's specific needs, which will have a positive influence on their lives.

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Rebecca's Garden of Hope has a goal of planting healthy, positive seeds in the lives of young people in our communities. This approach gives more youth a better opportunity to succeed. The question becomes, "How do we find the ones that need our help?" Going into the community and introducing ourselves to our neighbors is one way and another way is by establishing productive relationships with community partners. When we combine our efforts and resources we can often get better outcomes while helping each other accomplish our individual and collective goals.

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Many children feel hopeless and helpless, living in prisons of loneliness and despair. These children's lives can often spiral out of control because they feel no one cares and there is nowhere they can turn. Each Garden of Hope ministry provides a safe, Christ centered environment where children can receive the support and love they need to heal, grow and thrive.

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Beautiful Beginning

Rebecca’s Garden of Hope, Inc. Tutoring & Mentoring Program is a non for profit 501c3 organization that was founded in Orlando, Florida in 2007.

Impacting Young Lives

We nurture children with love and encourage them to build on a foundation in Christ to give them strength as they move through this journey called life.

Excelling in Education

Our tutoring services provide homework assistance and targeted support for students in the areas of reading, grammar and math while offering unique tools to also help them learn to manage money and develop life skills.

We Aim High

Our overall objective is to build self-esteem in youth, improve educational outcomes,  reduce drop-out rates and revitalize neighborhoods in communities across the country.

Raising the Bar

Many children are exposed to various things in life that put them at risk to fail. Socioeconomics are no longer a predictor of success for our young people. The negative impact that drugs, social issues, apathy and hate through social media are having on our youth is being felt in all walks of life. Rebecca's Garden of Hope is committed to reaching all youth with the love of Christ by providing resources, support and coaching needed to empower them to succeed.

Expanding the Mission

The passion of RGOH has led us to share our proven methods with churches and organizations nationwide. With 200+ partners across the country, the goal of reaching young people is being realized beyond the confines of our home city.

The goal of Rebecca’s Garden of Hope, Inc. Tutoring and Mentoring Program is to provide a template for other organizations free of charge, to help develop strong tutoring and mentoring programs where children feel safe and are encouraged to grow. Through your support we can continue to multiply these learning environments across the country. When that growth is anchored in Christ and reflects the qualities of love, perseverance, discipline, and structure, the programs will succeed.